Why I love being a GM

I wrote these thoughts originally to answer to Johnn Four over at his Patreon page.

Here below I present them in an updated layout to let you know my view of this fine Art.

Why I love the Art of GameMastering

Many things make me love GMing bust most of all: feeling and living in the same story with your players, not as a fixed and pre-generated plot (movie, novel, etc) but as a world (of your creation) they can save, destroy, love, hate, live in, die for. And all this, not only for the sake of fun, but for real feelings, passion, emotions…

Some of the most fulfilling reward from my players?

  1. ending the game at 3 am, saying bye to everybody, and your Players staying 2 more hours in the park in front your house speaking of the just-finished session! and
  2. having your Players shed some tears for an NPC’ (actually a big villain) death

These are the feelings / emotions that keep myself, the GM seeding good situations and creating good stories (with the players) on and on… creating a world the PCs would be happy to give their lives for.


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