The Art of Game Mastering

Of our modern lives

It is a truth almost known that our modern lives are full of competitions, contests, strives to the “supposed best”.
I state “supposed best” since it is defined / established by the majority of the society, whereas it is not granted that it should be the “real best”. This happens in all our modern lives’ environments:

  • at work (continuous improvement, improving and always increasing results, etc)
  • at school
  • with friends and society (new activities, new hobbies, new results, new must-be-purchased-merchandising, etc)
  • even computer games, and products alike, are planned to promote “competition” in its broadest sense

Of the Fun brought by RPGs

One thing that, again in my humble opinion, was out of this trend is playing, and having fun while playing. Especially roleplaying, an activity which gives the opportunity to actively produce by your own your fun.

I believe that X% of the human population routinely passively enjoys TV shows, movies, even zines and books. Does anybody knows where this X is? 80%? 90%?

Different is with RPGs: instead of having the necessity to buy more and more material to passively enjoy and make fun out of it, you have the opportunity, with little or no instruments (say “tools”) to produce an infinite amount of fun, for you and your players. With some dozen of books (one of the oldest, simpler, cheaper, nobler way of communicate anything between human beings) you can produce literally infinite hours of game, hence fun, hence emotions.

All the above (and many more thoughts) to me meant that RPGs are one of the nobler way of mind entertainment (whereas other are physical entertainments such as sport, etc).

GameMastering as an Art

So all the GameMaster have a total and unparalleled freedom deserved to them.

GMs are like craftsmen (artisans), which share the same tools: as like as a sculptor has hammer and chisel, the GMs have books, dices and many source of inspiration.

GameMaster produce Art.

What is this Art for?

Such Art should be made to (or at least: personally I make it to) appeal the GM and her players, provide fun, emotions, a shared experience, a temporary escape into another reality…


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