Few Campaign Titles

I propose hereby some campaign or adventure title. You may find them inspiring, useful, inspirational, or plain garbage. Make the best you want out of it.

1. The gnome, the marilith, the yuan ti
2. Sir Aravust is back in town
3. Lathan Marrkhon is out of the Order
4. The third, last and final death of Tarin the Wise
5. Spies, duels, rebels
6. The rise and fall of the Alkanian Empire
7. Four to the end
8. The doppelganger who betrayed the Master
9. Evocation!
10. A portal to the past
11. Sands of mithril
12. Portrait of a unicorn
13. The castle is gone
14. The right time to catch Zornn
15. Betrayal at the elemental river
16. The bridge of Numandia
17. A tale of two cities
18. The lich who loved all but us
19. The pact at Duncan’ ferry
20. Winds of undead
21. The temple never completed
22. Of souls and swords
23. Ishirishia’s flower did not blossom this year
24. A gem for a soul
25. Demon escape
26. The rampaging dragon of Nastyr Keep
27. A crossing quite crowded
28. The quiet Dwarf
29. Sleep under Treetop Hill
30. The boy from the Ancanar
31. Only two twins survived the fire at Trasgor’s Gate
32. They’ll hang Righert on the Winter Solstice
33. A Queen for a King
34. Tales from the past
35. The bard of Garanor’s Pass
36. Fight for the Deva
37. How I died and returned to live again
38. The Warlock’ revenge
39. Aasimar and Marilith
40. The Carceri’s Gates are closed
41. The Chase at Saramon Henge
42. The key to Ash Gate
43. The elf who devised the Stone Rod


Why I love being a GM

I wrote these thoughts originally to answer to Johnn Four over at his Patreon page.

Here below I present them in an updated layout to let you know my view of this fine Art.

Why I love the Art of GameMastering

Many things make me love GMing bust most of all: feeling and living in the same story with your players, not as a fixed and pre-generated plot (movie, novel, etc) but as a world (of your creation) they can save, destroy, love, hate, live in, die for. And all this, not only for the sake of fun, but for real feelings, passion, emotions…

Some of the most fulfilling reward from my players?

  1. ending the game at 3 am, saying bye to everybody, and your Players staying 2 more hours in the park in front your house speaking of the just-finished session! and
  2. having your Players shed some tears for an NPC’ (actually a big villain) death

These are the feelings / emotions that keep myself, the GM seeding good situations and creating good stories (with the players) on and on… creating a world the PCs would be happy to give their lives for.

Guilty for Greed

See the The Plot Engine Manifesto for explanations and background of how this works.

An adventure seed: Guilty for Greed

WOMAN_A is married to MAN_A.

WOMAN_A approaches the PCs to help her kill her husband MAN_A as she is tired of the violences he uses on her.

She can also show some bruises on her body to convince the PARTY.

The PARTY will discover that WOMAN_A has also an affair with MAN_B.

Maybe she is willing to get rid of her husband MAN_A to be with MAN_B.

After some other investigation, the PARTY will discover that WOMAN_A’s grandfather, MAN_C was a rich adventurer, died more than 10 years ago.

Voices say that his grandfather’s house is haunted but a rich TREASURE is buried within.

MAN_B is grandson to a servant to MAN_C, and knows that to access the treasure he needs the ITEM that WOMAN_A has.

At the very end, the PARTY discover that WOMAN_A was only manipulated by her lover MAN_B which was interested only to the treasure.

The Art of Game Mastering

Of our modern lives

It is a truth almost known that our modern lives are full of competitions, contests, strives to the “supposed best”.
I state “supposed best” since it is defined / established by the majority of the society, whereas it is not granted that it should be the “real best”. This happens in all our modern lives’ environments:

  • at work (continuous improvement, improving and always increasing results, etc)
  • at school
  • with friends and society (new activities, new hobbies, new results, new must-be-purchased-merchandising, etc)
  • even computer games, and products alike, are planned to promote “competition” in its broadest sense

Of the Fun brought by RPGs

One thing that, again in my humble opinion, was out of this trend is playing, and having fun while playing. Especially roleplaying, an activity which gives the opportunity to actively produce by your own your fun.

I believe that X% of the human population routinely passively enjoys TV shows, movies, even zines and books. Does anybody knows where this X is? 80%? 90%?

Different is with RPGs: instead of having the necessity to buy more and more material to passively enjoy and make fun out of it, you have the opportunity, with little or no instruments (say “tools”) to produce an infinite amount of fun, for you and your players. With some dozen of books (one of the oldest, simpler, cheaper, nobler way of communicate anything between human beings) you can produce literally infinite hours of game, hence fun, hence emotions.

All the above (and many more thoughts) to me meant that RPGs are one of the nobler way of mind entertainment (whereas other are physical entertainments such as sport, etc).

GameMastering as an Art

So all the GameMaster have a total and unparalleled freedom deserved to them.

GMs are like craftsmen (artisans), which share the same tools: as like as a sculptor has hammer and chisel, the GMs have books, dices and many source of inspiration.

GameMaster produce Art.

What is this Art for?

Such Art should be made to (or at least: personally I make it to) appeal the GM and her players, provide fun, emotions, a shared experience, a temporary escape into another reality…

The Plot Engine Manifesto


It is never enough to praise the goods and world-changing view of the Justin Alexander’ Don’t Prep Plots. Such article has enlightened me as one of the best tools any GM must have in his backpack.

God and myself only knows how long I spent in my GM’ youth scripting down each potential plot twist, any plot branch, etc, that the Party might have faced.

I partially reached the concept outlined in the post mentioned above by myself, even though not so sharply as described.

Continue reading The Plot Engine Manifesto